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The S’More Rum Candy Bar is Here for Easter!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Below is the message that will be sent to the BonBonBar mailing list in the morning…


Easter seems to be the marshmallow-iest of holidays, so we are excited to launch the new S’More Rum Candy Bar in its honor.  We’ve sandwiched our Vanilla Marshmallow between Gosling’s Black Seal Rum Ganache and our housemade Graham Crackers, and enrobed all three layers in dark chocolate.  The vanilla, spice, dark sugar, and chocolate flavors of traditional s’mores are deliciously complemented by a twist of dark rum.

We have also put together an Easter Collection brimming with all of our marshmallow-based confections.  And for the anti-marshmallowists, there’s always chocolate and caramel!

Thank you!

Plus, here’s the label, which features the BBB Vanilla Mallowman gone pirate-style.

Label by Michael Boyda.

Chow Tips: I’m on Video!

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Like so many other things, I meant to post these on here a while ago.  The wonderful people at Chow contacted me about shooting candymaking tip videos for Valentine’s Day, and these are the result!

Again, promises of a real blog post soon… 🙂

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