A Decorative Breads Interlude


After getting up at 3:30am on Friday and doing the practical test,  I wanted nothing more than to go home and rest/sleep/daze out, but I’d told a chef at the school that I’d help out on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to make breads for about a 1,000 person event on Saturday at the school.  So, I stayed with a few other students, and I’m really glad that I did… even if I was stultifyingly loopy by the time I left after 7pm… and returned at 5am the next morning after only 2 hrs of sleep with a body that wouldn’t believe that the work had ended for the night.

Not only did I mix and shape large quantities of breads like yeasted corn and sourdough, I also got to shape decorative breads… specifically, the ones above and below.  Since they are not meant to be edible, the dough is made with workability and shape in mind.  It’s high in fat, high in salt (to inhibit yeast growth) and low in yeast.   It is baked to brown it, and then the temperature is dropped so that it just dries out.  I’m kind of bummed that the one below wound up with a couple air bubbles in the middle of the base, but in all, it was an experience more than worth the ensuing loopiness.

Wheat Deco Bread

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