A Passion Fruit Coconut Candy Bar

NOTE: This bar is being revamped.

Or technically, a Passion Fruit Coconut Macadamia Dulce de Leche Candy Bar… Striding in at a stately 19 syllables.

This is not really a complicated candy bar filling. It’s just toasted unsweetened coconut mixed with dulce de leche and passion fruit puree, and studded with untoasted macadamia nuts.

The trick with this bar was coming up with how to bind the coconut mixture together… Caramel? Sweetened condensed milk? Invert sugar? I thought about the filling of Almond Joys, and how it’s almost like German Chocolate Cake filling. I came upon this recipe for German Chocolate Cake, which has a filling made of coconut and sweetened condensed milk (and pecans and vanilla, which I left out). The SCM is baked in a water bath until thick and brown, and that seemed like a great way to add a caramel-like complexity to the bar; and I love passionfruit caramels. And um… I have to admit that it wasn’t until I researched more about this cooking of SCM until I realized that everyone knows it as dulce de leche. I was tempted to try the method in which you simmer a can of SCM in a pot of water until it darkens, but I wanted to be able to judge the color of its progress, so I baked it as instructed instead.

This bar still needs some work. It packs a coconut-passion fruit-macadamia-caramelized milk punch, but I think that the milk brings out the sourness of the passion fruit a little too much. I want tart, not sour. Next time, I’m going to try mixing the straightforward caramel base from the Spicy Caramel Nut Bar w/ the passion fruit puree and coconut. I like the flavor that the macadamia has to offer, but the bar is a tad crunchy. I need to work on balancing the “snappy” coating of chocolate w/ both soft and crunchy fillings — the shards of chocolate risk overwhelming the texture of the bar as a whole. I’ll try cutting the nuts a tad smaller next time

Filling: I mixed the passion fruit puree and toasted coconut into the dulce de leche until I liked the flavor and consistency, and thought that it could stand up to the chocolate. For dulce de leche made from a 14 oz can, I used 1.8oz puree, and 4 oz coconut. It was a little thick at room temp, so I heated it in a double boiler to 85F so that I could pipe it into the candy bar molds comfortably.

I made a few molded chocolates w/ just regular SCM mixed w/ passion fruit and coconut, but it was a little too one note for me — although the tartness was considerably cleaner. I also wanted a thicker bottom to the bonbon for this, just so the chocolate could balance the strength of the filling.


Other: I didn’t paint the molds this time w/ a thin layer of chocolate, so there were quite a few air bubbles on the sharper corners of the molds.

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  1. David Says:

    Happy Holidays. This is one of my favorite blogs to visit…great photos, good stories. Please keep it up!!

  2. Nina Says:

    Thank you, David!!! And Happy New Year’s!

  3. Sweet Napa » Blog Archive » The Coconut Bar - In Progress Says:

    […] Earlier this month, I didn’t post for about 2 weeks, and it’s mostly because of this bar (oh, um, and two others that I’ll discuss in the future). Although it has almost the same flavors as its previous version, the challenge has been to get those flavors to take just the exact forms that I want and to maintain integrity of flavors. It’s driving me a little crazy. […]

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