And the Chocolatier Rests…


…not even bothering to wipe away the drips, in her post-work state of repose…

All of my air-delivered Christmas orders have gone out… and I made myself some hot chocolate from scratch to relax with (I know… where do I find the energy?). Luckily, I had some extra vanilla marshmallows lying around. I won’t say how it tasted myself — but I’ll quote Chad: “The marshmallows make this SO good.” He put 3 marshmallows in his. And repeated the statement, oh, 5 times.

My legs are very tired, but I’m really quite happy. I’m having fun. I look forward to making each of my 5 recipes, and I’m learning more about them everyday. And contrary to my previous post, the more I work with them, the more I realize that there is a ton to blog about them, since they involve the fundamentals of confectionery and pastry. If only I could transcribe my thoughts as I work in my commercial kitchen directly onto the blog, this website would be bursting with posts. I have to remember to bring my camera from now on. My poor pic-deprived blog… I barely remembered how to upload the photo above tonight!

I’m getting more used to the work regimen, and now is the time to grow. It’s unfortunate that the next two weeks will be touch and go due to holidays and vacations (of others… not me…) and I’ve only been open for sale for a week and half, but I’m hoping to drum some activity up and to organize everything thoroughly so far. And there are changes I want to make with my website and systems. And someday, my real website design will be implemented.

It’s quite a ride, being in business. Before, when I was focusing on being a screenwriter, the idea of business seemed so staid and monolithic… I didn’t realize just how creative and exciting the business-side really is. It is its own art, and I’m looking forward to seeing how my strategies play out — the market’s reaction and my own reactions, and to adjust accordingly. Bootstrapping does allow for a luxury of flexibility.

And I have to admit that it’s this business that I love right now. Going into office buildings to make deliveries feels so strange. In large part, I see my confections as a welcome break for office workers, because I once was one, in quite a few large, powerful companies. I was once comfortable in my cubicle, at my desk, sitting most of the day in a slightly too cold office, focusing on the phone and the computer (and looking forward to lunch and snacks for variety), but now I feel like a foreigner — or a traveler — in offices, passing through a vaguely familiar terrain that I am so far removed from now and imagining what it would be like to sit down and work in one of my old cubicles for even a day again. Even my home office has a heavy emphasis on home. And on another face of it, I’m now a delivery person, parking temporarily in the front of the building, and expected to run in and run out, transparent except for the package to be dropped off. It’s not as awkward for me as, say, waiting or bussing tables, but it’s a role that I haven’t been in before and it’s another thing to get used to.

Anyway. 11:30 already. Signing off to update Quickbooks…

And THANK YOU to everyone who placed holiday orders with me! I really appreciate it, and I hope that they’re part of a wonderful holiday!

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