Another Peanut Butter Bar

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Another Peanut Butter Bar: Peanut-Milk Chocolate Filling, Caramel Syrup, Strawberry Jam, and Honey molded in Dark Chocolate.

This version is the ultimate in re-creating my peanut butter sandwich memories… and resolving my eternal struggle about which kind to have by offering them all. This molded bar has 5 compartments, and even though each is mostly filled with the same peanut-milk chocolate filling, the accompaniments rotate. The two ends have caramel syrup, the next two compartments in on either side have strawberry preserves, and the middle has honey. Every bite is moist and bursts with flavor. There is also a complete barrier of chocolate btw each compartment, so those who don’t want to eat the whole bar at once can save the remainder for later without having the filling exposed to air. It is, however, dangerously easy to eat the whole bar in five quick, gluttonous bites. 🙂

I think that the candy bar form lends itself to this kind of layout — if you’re going to have such a big confection, you may as well have more than one flavor profile. I’ve been wanting to do this from way back when I started considering what to do with candy bars, and I was surprised and impressed when I found out that the classic Skybar already does something like this… although I was disappointed by its taste (all of the compartments tasted the same and overly sweet to me).

Anyway, I think I like this one better than the big cup with only the caramel syrup, but this bar is arguably more work and requires more ingredients and higher costs so I’m not completely sold on it unless it would be in demand. So… which would you prefer?

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  1. Lisbeth Says:

    I like this version – I like that you can eat it slowly, and the idea of different flavors for the different sections is brilliant – it’s like a variety pack in one bar!

  2. Doug Cress Says:

    Looks beautiful. I’d prefer this one for its bite size size and the variety of flavors.

    Just charge me more for it 😉

  3. WWBD Says:

    I think they both sound delish, but the second made my mouth water.

  4. brian Says:

    I agree this looks even better. Looking like a Reese’s PBC (with the fluted edges and tapered sides from your last post) sets up the wrong expectation for folks. I’m also curious about the stability of the peanut butter filling over time/rough handling, as you mentioned in last post. Send some to me UPS ground and I’ll give you a report on how they survived the journey!

  5. Tommy Says:

    Peanut buttery… Caramelly… Oozy… Land sakes alive, that looks tasty! I think it’s time for you to call FedEx…

  6. lucette Says:

    The trouble is that sometimes I’d prefer the one, and sometimes the other. Sometimes the compartmented flavors and the stretched-out eating time would be perfect; but other times I’d just want that big luscious bite. Too hard to choose.
    I remember the Sky Bar–I thought of it when I started reading your post, although I couldn’t remember its name. I used to buy it because of the variety, but I was always, like you, disappointed in the actual taste.

  7. Gary Says:

    For stability in production, you’ll have to make the bar 5×2 or 5×3. ;*)

  8. Aaron Says:

    Oh lord…I like the second one exactly for the reasons that make it complicated and expensive to produce. The idea of 5 different flavors…it’s like getting 5 different candy bars all in one! Just great, and it’s beautiful to boot.
    Though I like the whimsy of the fluting from the first one, the clean lines of the second attempt are quite haute chocolat.

  9. fattypr Says:

    this looks so beautiful!

  10. Nina Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your responses! I’m so lucky to have such a thoughtful candy bar panel.

    Although I can appreciate a couple merits of the cup, I’m going to call this one the winner… and it just so happens that I’ve developed an almost constant craving for the strawberry jam-filled compartment, with occasional pangs for honey or caramel, so I couldn’t be more pleased — I’ve managed to fit into the strategy of the bar exactly. 🙂

  11. catherine Says:

    amazing! this really is food porn, you know!

  12. Nina Says:

    haha Thanks! Yeah, I’m convinced that this one’s a keeper 🙂

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  15. p.r. Says:

    oh, this would have to 10,000 times better than any skybar!

  16. p.r. Says:

    have to *be*, rather.

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