Blueberry Marshmallows, Rocky Road-Style


Ever since I got a suggestion to pair the blueberry marshmallows with lemon white chocolate, I knew I had to make it. Rocky road-style seemed cool — cutting the marshmallows up into cubes so that they turn into lavender pockets within the white chocolate coating.I had every intention of tempering the chocolate. But 1) I did not have enough chocolate to let 25% of it go to “seeding” the chocolate during tempering and 2) I did not have enough chocolate to fill the bowl to reach up to the immersion line of my thermometer. But, it’s not like I was going to sell them…. I just wanted a taste….

So, with a lazy determination to approximate tempering without any concern for accuracy, I simply melted the chocolate over a double boiler, added a large pinch of Meyer lemon zest, waited for it to cool down and thicken a little, heated it a little more, and mixed in cut up marshmallows and spooned them out into rocky road-like clusters.

After chilling them in the refrigerator, I looked for the unsightly signs of untempered chocolate, but they looked appealing. The finish is a little bit matted, but there are no streaks of cocoa butter on the surface. If anything, the coating is a bit uneven in places, but it’s rocky road…. It’s supposed to be rough.

And it’s good.

The white chocolate, and occasion tinge of lemon, mostly overpowers the blueberry, but for me, it’s worth the look of it and the texture that alternates soft marshmallow and comparatively crisp chocolate several times in one bite before it all melts slowly away.

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