BonBonBar at Century Park East Farmers Market

This is a brand new Saturday market at 2049 Century Park East (in the nice little park behind the CAA building). It starts this Saturday, August 2, and runs from 10am – 2pm. As the name suggests, it’s in Century City.

I didn’t necessarily intend to have my second market in Century City, too, but I do think that the neighborhood/area needs a weekend farmers market. I’m a little concerned that the location is tucked away amongst the office buildings, but there are condos very nearby and a lot of houses somewhat nearby. And there have been signs on Santa Monica Blvd & Olympic Blvd. So, I’m giving it a shot, hoping that people will find it.

I’d still like to do a Sunday morning market, too — I think those really are the best ones for me — but the ones that I want are full. The LA markets run on a quarter system, and I’m told that there’s not too much shifting around during quarters — probably b/c we pay the health dept a flat fee at the beginning of the quarter for each market (although we pay the market organizers weekly). The next quarter starts in September or October, so maybe I’ll get into one then.

Scheduling the markets is a little tough for me. As I said in a previous post, doing my chocolate work on Sunday mornings is ideal. If I get into a Sunday market, I’d probably have to drop the Saturday market, and shift my production schedule so that I make my components Friday night and temper my chocolate Saturday mornings — if the rented kitchen can accommodate that.

Also, I’ve also been told that pre-packaged foods do very well during evening markets, so that’s a possibility for a third market. I like South Pasadena on Thursday evenings, but if I’m selling at Century City during lunchtime, I’m not sure if I could get over there and set up in time.

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