BonBonBar at the Brentwood Farmers Market

Starting this Sunday, August 31, I’ll be selling my BonBonBar confections at the Brentwood Farmers Market in the morning at Gretna Green, off of San Vicente.  I’m really excited — Brentwood is a great, bustling farmers market and I’m looking forward to meeting new customers… and being a customer of quite a few stalls myself.

On the other hand, since I need to do production during one weekend morning, I will no longer be at the Century Park East market on Saturday mornings.  I may try to get into one more mid-week market, and then I think I’ll have my market situation set.

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  1. angie Says:

    Hey girl! You should consider the Abbot Kinney festival I am doing it again this year and it gets over 150,000 people! Call me if you want more details! I will try and make the farmer’s market of these days to get my BonBon FIX!

  2. Nina Says:

    Oh, wow, that looks so cool! It looks like it’s the same time as the Brentwood Market, though 🙁 I hope BonBonBar can be a part of it next year!
    Hope to see you soon, Angie!

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