BonBonBar Caramels for Sale

They’re ready!  And they’re available in 5 flavors: Classic, Salted Chocolate Nut, Wildflower Honey, Cinnamon Almond, and Single Malt Scotch.

And I’ll add a caramel picture, or pictures, within the next two days on the website.  But rest assured, they look like caramels…. shaped as little sticks, about 3.5″x.5″x.5.”

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  1. Christy Says:

    Hey Nina, this is probably an obvious question, but could you tell me how many caramels come in a box? I’m not sure if one caramel weighs 4 oz, or, for example, how many cinnamon caramels vs nut caramels come in a box etc.

    I’m assuming half of each flavor, but just in case.


  2. Nina Says:

    Hey Christy — That’s a very good question! 4 oz is about 6-7 sticks of caramel, and the mixed bags have about 3-4 of each flavor.

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