BonBonBar in Complex Magazine

Complex Magazine (“The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Men”) is the first magazine to feature one of my products. My Passion Fruit Marshmallows are in their April “Green Issue,” which features “420 Products That Make a Difference.” They’re pictured on page 46, among the tongue-in-cheek “Apocalyptic Survival Tools.” In the case of forest fires engulfing the entire west coast of the US, the editors recommend toasting up some of “BonBonBar’s Passion Fruit Marshmallows as Mother Nature finally brings closure to the East vs. West rap beef.”

So, it’s a goofy mention, but in the unpretentious spirit of BonBonBar. And part of me is amused to have “marshmallows” mentioned in the same breath as the word “beef.” Hopefully next: “bacon.”

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