BonBonBar is going on Hiatus

Below is the email that I sent to my mailing list…  I’ll write more about this when I get the chance.



I am very sorry to write that BonBonBar will be going on hiatus.  I am relocating to San Francisco, and I cannot say when I will be able to restart production.

This change was a difficult decision to make, especially since I have been so thankful for the phenomenal goodwill and enthusiasm of my customers since the company’s founding.  It has been a pleasure to make candy for you.

If you would like to enjoy or share our handmade candy bars, caramels, and marshmallows one last time before the hiatus, I will be accepting orders until this Monday, August 17th.  The final shipping day from Los Angeles will be Wednesday, August 19.

Thank you!
Founder & Chief Chocolatier, BonBonBar

7 Responses to “BonBonBar is going on Hiatus”

  1. cybele Says:

    Dang! I’ve been waiting until it cooled off to place an order … I guess it doesn’t matter if it comes from SF. (Why does San Francisco get all the fun chocolatiers?)

  2. Amy Says:

    You’re moving back to the Bay Area! Yay! Hope we get to cross paths soon.

  3. Martha Says:

    I live in Downey, Ca. I was hoping one day to travel to the West Side and personally buy chocolates at one of your Farmer’s Markets. Now there is no more time to procastinate. I will buy online. I have to try your marshmallows!

  4. ghanima Says:

    Still not close enough! Nina, I’m clearly going to need to take a trip to the States to buy some of your goods.

  5. Nivedita Says:

    Aha! Is that why Clementine did not have any of your candy? I stopped in there yesterday after a long time and asked why I didn’t see any BonBon Bars. The person at the counter was clueless. Good luck for more exciting ventures in SF!

  6. jennywenny Says:

    Good luck with your relocation and future endeavors.

  7. H.C. Says:

    I’m so glad to be able to squeeze an order in before your company’s hiatus — just had half the single-malt scotch bar and it’s pretty amazing stuff (only with great resistance did I not gobble down the other…)

    Good luck in your move to SF and keeping my fingers crossed for BonBonBar’s revival.

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