BonBonBar Production Photo: The Marshmallow Tamis


There really should be a picture of me taking this picture on here, because I was just as happy as I could be when I used my new tamis (aka drum sieve) to shake off the cornstarch/conf sugar from my marshmallows a couple weeks ago.  Previously, I’d used a standard strainer, like what would fit over a pot, for my marshmallow sieving.  It comfortably fit about 8-10 marshmallows at a time, and the loose particles would fly everywhere b/c it was bowl shaped — and the starch makes it pretty stubborn to clean surfaces of it thoroughly.  Somehow it got me through “The Weekend of a 1,000 Marshmallows,” but my drum sieve would have saved me so much time and clean up (since the above pic, I’ve become even more efficient by sieving over a large bowl — the decrease in wandering particles has been dramatic).  It’s still small-scale, but now I look forward to sieving like I never have before.

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  1. lene Says:

    how were you able to make clean cuts for the marshmallows. i tried using oil and even loads of powdered sugar but they seem to still have bad ends. is there a particular way of cutting it or tons of experience with it?

  2. Nina Says:

    I tried everything to make them cut nicely! Heat, oil, powdered sugar, a wire, a pizza cutter… Oddly, minimalist seems to work best. For the cuts, all I do is cut straight down with a chef’s knife (I use a Global knife that hasn’t been sharpened in years). I used to dip it into hot water after practically every cut and wipe it with a paper towel, but now I only run it under hot water and wipe it after every maybe 8 cuts or so, sometimes more. Some marshmallow residue gets on the knife, but the edges don’t seem to be affected by it. I get some lines around each cut for some reason, but in all, it looks pretty clean.

  3. Nat Says:

    Just wondering, When did you start your business?

  4. Nina Says:

    December of last year.

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