BonBonBar Shipping Policy Update

I’m going to try allowing BonBonBars to ship Priority Mail nationwide again, now that the weather is generally cooling down.  It usually takes 2 days, just like 2nd-Day Air, and sometimes 3 days, usually to rural areas and, oddly, the Chicago area.  Most packages will still be lined with styrofoam for at least a few weeks, though.  And if a region looks particularly hot, I may have to notify the customer and hold the package until it cools down.

I’m grateful that most of my bars survived the Summer, and that it’s now the Fall… but I can’t wait until Winter.  I’m so used to putting gel packs in my packages that I’m frankly a little scared to think that they’ll ever survive on their own again — trucks can get hot any time of the year! — but it’ll be so much easier and less expensive to ship.

2 Responses to “BonBonBar Shipping Policy Update”

  1. Tania Says:

    Yay! I’ll be placing orders tomorrow night. I need to get to bed for now.

    Temp outside up here is about 28 F, so we’re certainly in a safe temperature zone. Actually, we should be getting our first snow any day now…

  2. Nina Says:

    Cool, thanks, Tania!

    And yeah, I checked the weather in Alaska, and I couldn’t believe how cold it is already. I may include a gel pack in the packages just to get them out of SoCal safely, and I was thinking that they might arrive frozen again in Alaska!

    And snow…. I miss it — I haven’t seen it in years!

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