BonBonBars on the LATimes Green Living Blog

Check it out — Katie Ricketts, the community/market organizer for the Southland Farmers’ Market Association, has written a wonderful post about her experience with me and my BonBonBars on the “Emerald City” Green Living Blog of the LATimes. You can also follow the SFMA link above to read about their “Celebrate the Market” Gala Dinner and Auction on May 18. In addition to many other fantastic things, they’ll be auctioning off a basket of my candy bars and marshmallows.

And yes, I do respond to “marshmallow lady!” 🙂

And thanks so much to everyone for the caramel feedback! I’m going to respond to the new comments and post the results of my recipe trials before the weekend.

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  1. mr. shain Says:

    just wanted to let you know that i was back home this weekend and picked up one of your carmel nut bars at joan’s on third–it really was just as amazing as all the other reviews have claimed. even my friends who aren’t foodies picked up some because they were so impressed!

  2. LINA Says:

    Hi marshmallow lady! congrats on the press! I really gotta try some of your chocolate soon!!!

  3. Nina Says:

    mr shain — Thanks so much for letting me know! I’m so relieved that they lived up to the hype!

    Lina — haha Thanks! And I hope you’ll like them!

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