Developing the S’More Kit


One of the things that I like about selling at the farmers market is that I can have specials and whatnot pretty easily. I’ve been selling frozen caramel nut bars as “Frozen Candy Bars” for the last couple of weeks, and people seem to like them. In general, for farmers market specials, I don’t have to worry about new packaging (which takes a lot of time and money for each product) or how they’ll ship. As long as I can fit them into cellophane bags and print out stickers with their ingredients lists, etc, I can sell pretty much whatever I can make.

So, I think I’m going to try selling a S’More Kit this upcoming Thursday, but there are still some decisions that I have to make (and happily, can adjust in upcoming weeks).

For instance, which brand and kind of chocolate should I offer? Chocolate tastes are so personal. And with s’mores, it can go either way — either the most upscale bitter chocolate or what many are used to having with s’mores: Hershey’s. Initially, I thought that I’d just sell a “s’more starter kit” and leave it to customers use their favorite chocolate, but I really do think that I should include all the parts, for people who don’t have chocolate lying around. But I don’t think that I can sell Hershey bars, and I’m not too keen on selling any pre-packaged chocolate bar for that matter. It doesn’t seem right. My current idea is to make my own chocolate tiles — spread tempered chocolate out thin, cut with my rolling bicycle cutter, and package them. I’ll try selling both milk and dark chocolate, and if one if very unpopular, I can always melt the tiles down again and turn them into something else.

And of course, I’ve developed my graham cracker recipe. It’s light, crunchy, and flavorful. It’s my third recipe that uses honey from Bill’s Bees, which is great b/c I just love their honey. I’ve been using their wildflower honey, though maybe their buckwheat would be even better; my only reservation would be that it’d be yet another ingredient to keep in stock. I’m not sure if I’ll offer the crackers separately or solely as part of the kit; I don’t really want to turn this into a baking business so probably just as part of the kit.

And my marshmallow recipe is all set, of course. Since the marshmallows also already have their own real stickers for packaging, they’ll probably be on top of the kit. I’ll probably start out with just the vanilla marshmallows, and if I get inquiries, try the passion fruit, too.

I still have to figure out how they’ll all fit together as a package — the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Most likely, they’ll all be packaged in separate cellophane bags, the same size as I use for my marshmallows. They’ll all be pretty much the same size, roughly 2.5″x2.5″ squares. I’m thinking of 4 servings per kit — so 4 marshmallows, 4 chocolate tiles, and 8 graham crackers.

If I had a lot of larger cellophane bags, I could bundle all of them in those, but I don’t and I don’t really want to spend money to buy them. Maybe I’ll tie them together with raffia that I already have. Or if it looks decent, clear tape — I swear, only if it looks decent. I’ll play around with it this weekend.

I also have to play around with microwave s’more instructions — I think some office workers would really like the idea of having a hot gooey s’more as an afternoon snack. Um, as long as they don’t explode in the microwave…

Edit: Looks like 7 seconds in the microwave, tops. Though it will vary slightly.

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  1. fattypr Says:

    are you going to sell chocolate covered graham crackers? you should think about it b/c they are SOOOOOO good. and what happend to the smore bar idea? the farmer’s market may be a good way to beta test it.

  2. fattypr Says:

    also,when i do microwave smores, i do a total of ten minutes, but i start with 8, then stop and let the marshmallow deflate and then do two more. just to make sure the cookie and chocolate are nice and warm and melted, respectively. of course, every microwave is different, so don’t stress about coming up with perfect instructions.

  3. Nina Says:

    Minutes?! 🙂 Yeah, I think that the marshmallow is also a little different — mine turn into a more foamy goo fairly fast.

    I think my instructions will end up involving… “cup your hands around your eyes, press to glass, and stare into the microwave…watch for bulging…”

    And I like chocolate covered graham crackers, too, but I’m not crazy about making chocolate-covered cookies… Crumbs/fat residue get into the chocolate, so whenever I have leftover chocolate when I cover the shortbread in my malt bar with chocolate, I get rid of the chocolate — it’s too crunky. So, I try to temper just was much as I need (it’s harder to keep a small amount of choc in temper), and it’s… just a pain. So the s’more bar may have to wait until I can find the brighter side of it…. It could happen. 🙂

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