Easter Preview: Vanilla Marshmallows wrapped in Salted Chocolate Nut Caramel

Probably one of the most common questions at my farmers markets is whether I have — or can possibly have! — caramel covered marshmallows.  So, for Easter, I’m devising my own twist on them — BonBonBar‘s Vanilla Marshmallows wrapped in Salted Chocolate Nut Caramel (which contain roasted almonds, walnuts, pecans, and cocoa nibs).

I’m pretty in love with these… The simple combination of the good vanilla and good chocolate is so wonderful and rich, and these treats will also highlight that I recently started using my own housemade vanilla extract in my marshmallows (in addition to fresh organic beans, for reasons that deserve another–rather more eccentric–post).  And the texture of chewy caramel, pillowy marshmallow, crispy nuts and, flaky Maldon salt is so unique and fun to eat.  And most importantly to me, the sweetness of normal caramel wrapped marshmallows is cut back and made more complex by the magic of salt, chocolate, and nuts.

Though… I do need to figure out a good, brief-yet-descriptive name for them soon!

I’ll probably only keep them for the Easter holiday and special orders because it’s rather time consuming to make and package them.  But intrepid customers in the future could always buy a bag of caramels and a package of marshmallows… and unwrap, flatten, wrap, and eat at will.

And actually, the variation of these that I’m looking forward to trying myself involves Scotch — I love drinking my Hot Chocolate laced with Single Malt Scotch and garnished with a Vanilla Marshmallow.  So, a quick dunk in Scotch could be pretty amazing.  I’m willing to find out…

6 Responses to “Easter Preview: Vanilla Marshmallows wrapped in Salted Chocolate Nut Caramel”

  1. ghanima Says:

    These sound just incredble!

  2. Nina Says:

    Oh, thank you!!!

  3. Sera Says:

    OMG, DROOL! 🙂

  4. Nina Says:

    Seriously, I know I make them and all, but these are GOOD.

  5. Christina Says:

    Oh, wow, I think, just by the description, perfection has pretty much been captured in these little pillows.
    It was nice to “meet” you the other day at the farmer’s market, the caramels and chocolate were seriously one of the highlights of my LA-area visit.
    Too bad you don’t ship out of country!

  6. Nina Says:

    Christina — Thank you so much. It was so nice to meet you, too, and I’m happy that the confections lived up to the hype. 🙂
    I wish I could ship out of the country, too — just shipping to Canada is so difficult, it seems!

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