I Have A Sunday Night Again. And I’ve Discovered Facebook.

Since I started selling my candy bars in December, I’ve been making them on Saturday and Sunday nights from about 6pm-2am. This schedule fit in with the times available for my first kitchen, but now I’m in my third rented commercial (with honest to god central Air, though it’s not normally turned on)… and it’s the summer… and the kitchen traps a lot of heat and humidity by 6pm. On Sunday nights, when I usually do most of my chocolate tempering, that means going in later when it’s cooler and even then waiting a couple hours at least for it to cool down so that I can temper chocolate.

So, this Sunday, I went in at 8am instead… and it was heaven. The temperature was perfect for tempering and it wasn’t humid. It was several hours before I even had to turn on the AC, and it was effective right away. The kitchen felt like a real chocolate kitchen. And I was fresh and not trying to get a second (and third) wind for the day. And when I finished work, I was free! There were still several hours of sunlight left, and I had no lurking feeling of all that I had to do that night. I even got to go to a bbq and meet Brian, who was in town.

In short: it was like a normal job, not a covert confectionery mission. It felt so nice.

August and September will probably be hotter than it is now, but I think going in a little earlier might be fine, too. And luckily, since Chad generally sleeps until about 11-12, I won’t be missing all that much time with him by going in early. And I usually wake up early anyway.

And in other news, I finally joined the rest of the world on Facebook, and I’m addicted. It’s such a great way to keep up with friends — fun and on your own time. Unfortunately, it competes with my time for the blog and returning emails… but it’s irresistible, like a big hug from people I’ve met during so many different times in my life. And I can publish mini-thoughts that won’t make it to the blog. I just made butterscotch pudding. I doubt I’ll blog about it, but why not let everyone know on Facebook… Plus, I get to play games. Scrabulous anyone?

2 Responses to “I Have A Sunday Night Again. And I’ve Discovered Facebook.”

  1. Vince Says:

    You should create a “Fan” group page for BonBonBar on FaceBook — I’m sure we’d all be happy to become “fans” of it. 🙂

  2. Nina Says:

    🙂 Thanks! I think I’ve created a group page for BonBonBar… I tried a couple times and the latest version seems to have stuck — it finally comes up on searches and it’s on my profile… 14 fans so far 🙂

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