I’m Back

I have a lot to blog about from the past couple of weeks — including a lot of contemplation and an invigorating trip to Napa that I returned from last night — but first I want to show off direct some attention to two endlessly entertaining write ups of BonBonBars.

When I make my confections on weekend nights, I always wonder about who they’re going to and how they’ll be perceived… What will people really think of them? Well, thank goodness for blogs! I’m happy that Lorelai in the Bay Area and Sku in Los Angeles enjoyed my products, but I’m also happy that they led to such wonderfully written, exuberant posts.   Please check them out!

Musings and MunchiesBonBonBars: love at first bite

Sku’s Recent EatsBonBonBar’s Scotch Bar: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

3 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. catherine Says:

    Congrats on the press! I have to say BonBonBar’s with Scotch is the kind of indulgence that really appeals on a cold night!

  2. May Ka. Says:

    Glad to see you back. The word “contemplation” can mean so many things, not all of them positive. Hope all is well with you.

    I’m glad about all the glowing reviews the bars have been getting.

  3. Nina Says:

    Catherine – Thanks! I’ve been going for my hot chocolate mix on cold winter nights… but your comment just gave me a wild notion to dip the Scotch Bar briefly in the hot chocolate… I know what I’m doing Monday night. 🙂

    May Ka. – Thank you so much for your concern and well wishes. I just posted more about the contemplation… I think everything’s going to be ok. I just have to keep up with every aspect. When I fall behind, I feel so out of control and anxious.

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