I’m Kinda Ripped

After two weeks of externing at the bakery in breads, I’ve been thinking about the name of Shuna’s eggbeater blog, and how I may as well call myself flour-mover — I shape, load, unload, and package a lot of it on most days. But it wasn’t until dinner tonight, when I was struck by a slight chill, that I rubbed my arms with my hands to warm up… and discovered that I’ve acquired bicep muscles — the likes of which I’ve never gotten as the result of any gym regimen. And then, later, when I was washing my hands in the bathroom, I noticed the reflection of some respectably striated forearm muscles. And when posed together, with a flexed arm, even other people were impressed…

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  1. fattypr Says:

    HAHAHA. Congrats on the body-buildling…

  2. Catherine Says:

    LOL! Baking for Biceps! The new workout craze!

  3. Nina Says:

    Haha I somehow knew that you’d comment on this post 🙂

    I’m endlessly fascinated by this development… I was standing in front of a store today with a very reflective window, and I came so close to flexing my arm to study it again… Good thing that I remembered that I was in public.

  4. Spencer Says:

    Careful with your wrist and hands!! Don’t let the heavy dough ruin them! How do you like working in a bakery now?

  5. Nina Says:

    Thanks, Spencer! My supervisor is good about watching our hands to make sure we’re forming correctly — amongst the Spanish, I’ve become good at picking out “carpal tunnel syndrome.” 🙂

    And I like working at the bakery. It’s interesting how it’s almost the opposite of culinary school in the sense that we make the same thing everyday (only in slightly different quantities). I like that I finally have a chance to get to know certain doughs and techniques day in and day out… but I have to admit that I miss working with sugar!

  6. Nina Says:

    Catherine – LOL Now I just have to record myself at work, and I can release a workout DVD!

  7. fattypr Says:

    What you really need to do is post before and after pics; then instead of being tempted to flex and stare in front of any reflective surface you see, you can just check yourself out on here. Plus I’m curious to see the effects before I take up baking.

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