It’s Been Almost A Month?

I would ask where the time has gone since I lasted posted if I didn’t already have a suspicion…  It goes to making and selling highly-perishable candy…  And to going home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 1.5 years to see my family…  And to updating on Facebook, as if it’s a blog-in-miniature…  And to writing promotional emails like the one that I just sent to my mailing list.  I’ve copied the text below (there were also some pictures)…  as I once again dreamed about the posts that I’d like to write if only I had the time…

Happy Holidays!

While I hope that you will enjoy BonBonBar confections with your friends and family this holiday season, I am also reminded that the holidays coincide with the first anniversary of my company.    When I made my first online sale on December 9, 2007, BonBonBar offered 4 confections.  I now offer 13 — with more on the way! I want to thank everyone for supporting this little company that was formed with the belief that handmade candy — especially candy bars! –  made from wholesome ingredients is something to be cherished.  This year has seen BonBonBar put in the spotlight by Gourmet, Bon Appetit, DailyCandy, bloggers, many other wonderful media outlets, and enthusiastic customers.  I appreciate every single kind word about my confections, to myself and to others.

So, please enjoy and share your favorite BonBonBar treats — whether they be candy bars, marshmallows, or caramels — and join me in looking forward to another exciting and fun year that’s full of sweet indulgence!



For a timely holiday delivery, please order early so that I can be sure to accommodate your order and rest assured that it will arrive in time.  Orders placed for destinations outside of Southern California must be placed by Wednesday, Dec 17.  Orders placed for destinations within Southern California (or via Overnight Shipping) must be placed by Saturday, Dec 20. I will be shipping every day during the week before Christmas.

Since it is seasonal, the Pumpkin Pie Bar will be available to order only until Dec 27, 2008.  And then it’s gone.

I will not be shipping from December 31 thru January 11.  I’m going on vacation!

My next candy bar is in development for a January release.  The initials “P.B.” will likely be crucial to it.

I have a new commercial kitchen with unlimited access!  This means that I now ship at least 3 days a week, and the turnaround on orders is much faster — in some cases, on the same day the order is placed. Perfect for gift-giving… and cravings!

I have had the honor of having an intern work with me for over the past month.  She took to BonBonBar’s standards right away, and can be thanked for making many delicious treats!

4 Responses to “It’s Been Almost A Month?”

  1. Sara Says:

    Happy holidays – can’t wait to hear about your new candy bar!

  2. Nina Says:

    Thank you, and happy holidays to you, too! I think it’s going to be the peanut butter bar with dots of strawberry preserves, caramel syrup, and honey in different compartments…. I just have to make sure that it works, shelf-life wise!

  3. rainey Says:

    Oh! PB! Torture me why don’t you!?! ;>

    And tell me you’ll at least do the pumpkin bars again next year when I can mabbee have one if I find someone willing to share it with me. ;>

    Seriously, I’m betting you can do something sensational with PB! Any chance some J will be involved?

  4. Nina Says:

    Rainey – I love your way with words 🙂

    I’m not sure about next year and the Pumpkin Pie Bar… I’m toying with Apple Pie or Egg Nog, too…. It’s a hard decision! I’ll have to see if the others are even possible/taste good.

    And, yes! Strawberry J. I think the Peanut Butter Bar will be this one, just about exactly…

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