It’s Probably a Good Sign…

when you go to open a business checking account, and the employees at your bank tell you that they think that your business is going to be huge… and that they want extra business cards to pass around… and that they’ll order candy bars for holiday gifts.
Sorry for the lack of posting recently — I’m dealing with administrative and packaging stuff that’s little fun to do, and even less fun to try to write about in a creative way.   And it’s taking a long time.  But I will write about it at some point… for those reasons… :)  And it’s so close to being done!

10 Responses to “It’s Probably a Good Sign…”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    I cannot wait to buy one of your bars! I live not too far away from you in So. Cal, so maybe I will come and buy a truckload 🙂

  2. Nivedita Says:

    Aw! That must have been music to your ears!

  3. tina Says:

    you must sell some in napa!!! sunshine market? dean&deluca? vallergas? i love malted milk and will tell all my friends to buy some!!! it’s be great if you have a store finder once you get the candy bar site up and running. please let us all know.

  4. fattypr Says:

    yay! congrats!

  5. G Says:

    Whole Foods is opening soon in Napa. Try there?

  6. Nina Says:

    Cyndi – Haha That would be fantastic… and would make for an amazing pic on the blog. 🙂

    Nivedita – I never thought that a visit to the bank could be so much fun!

    Tina – Oh, thank you! I definitely will. I’d love to sell them in Napa… and have a reason to go up and visit whenever I could. 🙂

    FattyPR – Thanks, dude 🙂

    G – Yeah, Whole Foods has been a on my mind a lot recently…

  7. lucette Says:

    A business checking account makes the whole thing seem very real, no?

  8. Nina Says:

    OMG, yes… That, and sending in the deposit on product liability insurance!

  9. rainey Says:

    There certainly seems to be an awful lot to consider and get lined up. I admire your thorough and disciplined approach. I wonder how many have the kitchen and the business cred to get this all pulled together.

    It’s very exciting to watch this develop into something. I join your bankers in thinking will be… What is the word for something small enough to retain it’s artistic and personal quality while big enough to be profitable and justly famous??? Anyway, that’s where I’m sure this is going!

    Go git ’em, girl!

  10. Nina Says:

    Rainey – 🙂 THANK YOU so much!!! Those are words that warm a burgeoning entrepeneur’s heart. Some people have advised me on how to build it up and develop a large distribution network, but really, I’d just be thrilled to build the business into a nice store (with some kind of river of chocolate that people can have their bars freshly double-dipped into, of course) that’s a special place in LA for locals and tourists to visit. The artistic and personal qualities of this enterprise really are what interest me. Chocolate’s fun, and I enjoy sharing that happiness with people more than anything else.

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