L’Artegal – Gordes

When we were in Provence, we spent an afternoon in the gorgeous hilltop village of Gordes, which faces the Luberon.

We arrived around lunchtime, and came upon L’Artegal.  The restaurant was full, except for this sole charming table behind the restaurant that they were willing to set for us.  So, we took it.  I appreciated having our own peaceful lunch in a restaurant that was at full capacity.




Salade Landaise – Mesclun, Sauteed Potatoes, Smoked Duck Breast, Duck Gizzards, Foie Gras. This is the kind of salad that people come to France for.  Lightly dressed, and a treasure trove of salt, smoke, acid, buttery crispy potatoes, fresh greens, and a wealth of duck.  The duck gizzards were delicious –  even though I thought that they were some kind of toothsome mushroom at first.


Lamb with Herb Mashed Potatoes. The lamb was very fatty, but tasted good with the herbs and jus.


Sorbet with Tuiles. Hm… those tuiles are burnt.


Panna Cotta with Fruit Coulis. This had a nice full vanilla flavor and I believe a mirror glaze was on top.  I could have sworn that this had ricotta in it, but we were told that it was just cream. A ricotta panna cotta would be a great idea, though… if only it didn’t sound so silly to say out loud.


Strawberry Melba “a Notre Facon.” We came across quite a few melbas “a notre facon” in France, and I liked the different plays on them — and this was no exception.

On the way out, we happened to pass by the bar, and when I saw an assortment of intriguing liqueurs, I remembered that I like intriguing liqueurs … so I ordered…


Melopepo. Cantaloupe and Almond Liqueur. I liked the alcohol and almond tinges to the flavor of cantaloupe so much that I bought a bottle of it at a shop next door.


P’tit Bleu Pastis. Anise-flavored, obviously, and very smooth. Chad was a big fan.


Fleur de Figue. The floral flavor was almost astringent in this, although it was very sweet. I was just barely able to finish it.

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  1. Karin from Sweden Says:

    Going to Provence this summer and are looking for some chocolateries near Aix-en-Provence. Do you know some good ones perhaps?

    If you ever go to Barcelona in Spain I could recomend a visit at Bubo chocolaterie, situated in El Born area. Very good!

    /Karin from Sweden

  2. Nina Says:

    Thanks! I’d love to try their chocolate.

    The only chocolaterie that I know of in the region is Bernard Castelain, but that’s all the way out by Chateauneuf-du-Pape. I think I remember seeing an artisan chocolate store in Aix, but I can’t remember the name of it. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Good luck!

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