Oooh… E. Dehillerin – Paris


My plan for E. Dehillerin was to get little tart tins and such, knowing that I wouldn’t want to lug around heavy or huge kitchen supplies for the rest of my trip. I thought that my biggest concession would be the rolling pin, because of its size, but I bought it because I’ll use it the most and so will think about the trip France often.

This kitchen supply store has been open since 1820, and I generally liked how it hasn’t done much since to change the way that it’s run. The aisles are narrow and high, the shelves are overflowing with enticing cooking implements, purchasing things involves having them tallied up by a salesperson who gives the order sheet to the cashier (who does use a computer to print out a thorough receipt… allow a lot of time for this whole process), and your things are wrapped up tightly in newspaper and tape.

Oh, and the prices are listed in a catalogue organized by a code number system at the front of store, not on the things themselves. Otherwise, the labels on the products are very thorough about what they are made of and their size, and I didn’t feel too stupid only getting about 4 of everything because I knew I could see if I liked/used them, and then could track down more if desired.

By the way, aren’t these mini-loaf tins nice?


Like, really nice?


That’s good. Because I happened to get eight of them, and so paid $70. A salesperson had warned me early on that those mini cookie cutters were expensive — and at $7 each, they were — so I only got two of them. On a whim, since they looked nice and since I’d put back some bigger items, I threw a few more mini-loaf tins onto my pile, for a total of 4 each. It wasn’t until I got the receipt that I saw how much they were… And how cheap the little tart tins were — less than $2 each — and thought about how I make tarts way more than quickbreads, but… that. is. okay.

The one on the left is tin-plated and the one on the right is blue steel. They seem like terrific quality, and I’m sure that I’ll one day find excellent and amazing uses for them. I know I will because every single time I make something at home now, I ask myself, “How would it look as a mini-loaf?”

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  1. Marlene Says:

    When you next go to Paris (wish it could be a yearly trip), another good store is Mora (not far from E. Dehillerin). I found that it focused more on Pastry/Baking supplies. I bought my blue-steel baking sheets there (try lugging those home!) as well as some tart pans.

    I loved E. Dehillerin as well and loved it’s mood.

    Reading your blog has been a treat. Thanks for sharing your experience at Greystone. I’m going down in April for the Open House. It’s a pipe dream, but something I like to consider despite being a full time architect!

    Best wishes to you and thank you for the lovely photographs.

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