Restaurant and Production Desserts

For our current block, we are essentially making plated desserts that you’d find in a restaurant, or at a catered event. So, instead of putting our baked goods out at the dessert buffet at some point before lunch, we plate up about 8 servings of our dishes at the end of our production time and deliver them individually to tables with people finishing up lunch.

The block is divided into two sections — cold desserts and hot desserts…  So, in the mix this time are Red Wine Poached Peaches with Chilled Syrup, Warm Chocolate Pudding with Nuss Sauce, Little Fried Pies, Coconut Crusted Bananas Tempura with Tropical Fruit Salad, French Toast with Pineapple Flambe, Crepes Normandy, Rum Babas, Peach Crisp, Lemon Souffle with Lemon Sabayon…  and then Saffron-Cardamom Bavarian Cream, Apricot Yogurt Mousse, Peanut Flour Panna Cotta, Tuile Cookies, Bread and Butter Pudding with Warm Raisin Sauce, Butterscotch Pudding Trifle, Hazelnut Parfait with Roasted Hazelnuts and Chocolate, Apple Cider Granite, Oreo Cookies Ice Cream, and Apple Sorbet.

Instead of a normal practical exam at the end, we’ll be working with a partner to design our own dessert menus for a fictional restaurant and serve the desserts to invited guests.   Our theme is Overpriced Napa Bistro…

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