Roquefort-Honey Ice Cream & Walnut Sugar Cookies: A Sandwich


I guess that sounds weird… but would you rather eat Roquefort-Honey Ice Cream by itself? I’ve been wanting to make this recipe since the day it was published, but something always held me back… Probably, something about a bowl of frozen, sweet blue cheese. But maybe my recent plated desserts class got me into the mindset of balancing multiple elements for one dessert, and my recent interest in ice cream sandwiches definitely provided the final structure for it.

I think that it’s especially important to let this ice cream base age overnight, so that the flavors can get used to each other and settle into a harmony. And when you spin it in your ice cream maker, keep a close eye on it; cheese-based ice creams/sorbets are very easy to over-freeze. The Roquefort that I used was rather ripe, and the ice cream is an earthy light green with flecks of dark green. The texture is quite smooth, with a pleasant melting quality from the cheese. The flavor of sweet/salty Roquefort hits you right away, until a creaminess mellows it a little. It’s potent, to be sure, but not so much for blue cheese eaters, and the honey and pepper temper it a bit.

As an ice cream sandwich, it works in a similar way. The Roquefort hits you straight off, but the walnut sugar cookies step in to mellow it out and graft on a nutty, butter-y sweetness before the roquefort flavor bounces back at the end of the bite. Not everyone would like this, but it’s an interesting little snack… like a compact cheese course on a hot day.

The cookies should be not larger than 2″ in diameter, and the scoop of ice cream should be rather small to keep things in proportion; I think of one sandwich as a substantial cheese-on-crackers serving. I used this Chewy Sugar Cookie recipe (they turned out rather crispy on the edges and chewy in the center for me) and folded in how many chopped toasted walnuts I wanted at the end. I like the idea of adapting cookies for unique ice creams, so I saved half the plain cookie dough to use for future mix-ins.

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  1. Brian Says:

    I have a wedge of gorgonzola, a bag of hazelnuts a friend wasn’t gonna use, and a ton of eggs in my fridge, and just stumbled across this entry. I think it’s gonna motivate me to try making macaroons – hazelnut dacquoise and a simple gorgonzola-honey filling. I can’t wait!

  2. Nina Says:

    Wow! That sounds awesome… and daring. 🙂 Let me know how it turns out!

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