Salted Chocolate Caramel Lollipops

Salted Chocolate Caramel Lollipops by BonBonBar

Salted Chocolate Caramel Lollipops by BonBonBar

Lollipops were never on my BonBonBar agenda. In fact, I resisted them. When a customer at the farmers market asked if I would make them, I immediately thought of artificially flavored and colored hard candy shaped like a disc on a stick. I said no, that’s not what I do. But every week, the customer persisted, and I gave some real thought to how I could do it — and make it unique.

So, I converted my chocolate caramel recipe to lollipop spec’s (aka boiled it to a higher temp; I once spooned out samples every 5F to gauge the increasing firmness) and figured out how to make them without buying new molds or equipment (just some packaging). In the Sugar Daddy tradition, they’re firm, but eventually yield to the slightly chewy texture of caramel. They’re pretty fussy to make and I can’t make many at a time, but they’re some tasty lollipops.

And as with my s’mores, the special ingredient is none other than salt — in this case, crushed Maldon sprinkled on one side of the pop. Why not blur the line between lollipops and salt licks… 🙂

For now, this will be a special order — I’m not sure if I’ll offer them for wider sale. They might be good for party favors, though…

4 Responses to “Salted Chocolate Caramel Lollipops”

  1. Verena Says:

    These lollipops remind me of the ones from See’s Candies that I used to eat as a kid, but I bet they’ll be 100,000 times better … caramel and sea salt, can’t go wrong with that! 😀

  2. Nina Says:

    Dude, and CHOCOLATE! 🙂

  3. brian Says:

    Is the shelf life of these any different from your other confections? For some reason I want to believe these would have a longer shelf life, not sure why. Not complaining about the existing shelf life as it’s a date the candies never see.

  4. Nina Says:

    🙂 Yes! Even I’m not worried about the shelf life — there’s so little free water to contribute to water activity that makes confections spoil that I don’t even know when/if they’d go bad (plus there’s lots of sugar and salt). I’m guessing they’d maintain their current freshness for at least 4-6months, and then maybe it would decline a little.

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