Season’s Greetings from BonBonBar

This is the text from the BonBonBar email newsletter that will go out tomorrow…  I’m not sure that I’ll have time to post again until after the holidays — so Happy Holidays everyone!



I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season, perhaps enhanced by handmade candy bars, caramels, and marshmallows!

BonBonBar received its first online order two years and one day ago.  During all of the adventures and surprises that have unfolded since then, I’ve been consistently amazed by how lucky I am to have such fun and kind customers.  So, I also wanted to thank you for making this such an exciting and rewarding experience.  I have learned much and enjoyed much since Dec 2007, and I am looking forward to 2010!

Thank you!
Founder & Chief Chocolatier, BonBonBar


Pumpkin Pie Candy Bars and Caramallows will be available into January.  I like having them around.

Due to popular demand, the Malt Bar will most likely return at some point in 2010.

BonBonBar will be on vacation during the last week of December 2009.  All orders placed during that time will ship upon our return.

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