Seaweed Cafe – Bodega Bay

We stopped for brunch at the lovely Seaweed Cafe a couple weeks ago. From the food to the atmosphere, I liked how it balanced being casual and sophisticated. And a lot of restaurants talk about seasonal and local food, but Seaweed Cafe lives it. Even all of their wines are from west Sonoma County.


Oregon Shrimp Sandwich. AMAZING. I don’t think that Chad and I will ever stop talking about this sandwich. The shrimp were so velvety, and made just a touch creamier with mayonnaise and a little crunchy from some celery, but the masterstroke was the Portugeuse cheese melted on top, which was also just a little chewy and caramelized on the edges in the best way. This is definitely in the pantheon of perfect sandwiches.

The waitress said that their ham and cheese sandwich is made in a similar way, so get that if this isn’t on the menu. She said that the cheese is Portugal’s oldest and named it quickly, but I don’t remember it and will have to do some research.


Sand Dabs with Heirloom Tomato Salad and Potato Pillow. It’s a shame when bad things come out of good restarants. This wasn’t inherently bad — just very, very bony. You could get most of the bones out in one connected piece, but so many little ones lingered anyway that you spend most of the time trying to pick out the sweet, flaky meat. I liked the fluffy potato pillow and fresh tomatoes, though… potato-tomato works for me.

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