So Close…

No matter how much is done, these bars won’t be completely ready for sale on the internet until everything is completely ready. So, I wait with baited breath for my 5-ply candy pads, my website design, my website photographs, and my marshmallow packaging (more layerboards) and label design. Just like my efforts that took months to prepare (or has it been over a year already?), all of those works are being done to order, so I understand they also need time and take care to prepare. It’s so easy for a week to go by at a time, but with the holidays coming up, I am getting anxious about getting in on orders. My bars, and their packaging, are ready to sell in stores and I’m pursuing that, but at this point, many stores already have their holiday inventory ordered (my first choice retailer included, darn it). So, for December, my goal is to build word of mouth through individual sales and to pursue corporate gift orders for larger volume sales. And to keep calm. And to appreciate all the phenomenal people who are helping me out in so many different ways… including, as always, my friendly bankers who give me high-fives and shake my hand whenever I visit.

Anyway, for Thanksgiving, I indulged in some good old-fashioned dessert-makin’ (in addition to candy bar and marshmallow samples, of course). I made a trifle with Butternut Squash Mousse (based on this brilliant recipe; I used less gelatin and whipped cream b/c it was in a bowl and served with whipped cream), Fresh Ginger Cake (another brilliant recipe here; a combo of blackstrap molasses and Lyle’s golden syrup worked just fine for the mild molasses called for), and Bourbon Whipped Cream (I actually winged that one, just like in the olden days of plated desserts). How wrapped up in candy bars am I? I didn’t even take a single picture! But it was delicious, by popular sentiment. The butternut squash was roasted, pureed, frozen, and strained before being incorporated into the mousse. The sweet squash flavor was so smooth and lasting. I wonder if this would even work for canned pumpkin — to freeze, thaw, and strain it for a more intense flavor. The freezing step separates the water from the starch puree, so just like smaller fruits usually have a more intense flavor due to less water content, this butternut squash puree made for a particularly tasty dessert. And a pleasant distraction…

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  1. Cupcakes Says:

    I was lucky enough to get some samples.

    o-m-g The 1 that i didnt think i would “like” as much as the others ended up being my favorite. Holy Cow. It was the dark chocolate buttery salted carmel with the nibs… Im a milk chocolate girl but this bar was heavenly.. who knew id LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate with slighlty salty carmel.. my god it was delish ! I think with milk it would be too sweet. My only real complaint (?) and its not really even that, more like a comment.. is with the shortbread 1’s. The shortbread was moist with something.. maybe butter? I dont want to say it was greasy, but it was like.. i dont know how to describe it. It was delish, dont get me wrong, i was looking for more flavor in the cookie i think.. or maybe it was the fact i ate the carmel 1 1st.

    regardless, they were fantastic and I will def order these when they are available.

  2. Nina Says:

    So glad that you liked them, and thanks for the feedback!

    And yeah, the shortbread is pretty buttery…. It doesn’t taste quite as good when I use less, but I may tweak the method a little.

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