The Burn that Decided to Puff… Two Weeks Later

Two weeks ago, about an inch of skin, just below my pinky, was burned by a heat gun. It hurt a lot, but I treated it with eveything I could — ice, burn gel, aloe, and even a sliced tomato. It didn’t blister, and it only left a red mark that had diminished significantly into barely a pink mark.

Then, today, as I was driving, I noticed that the area is covered with three splotches of puffiness, like mosquito bites. They don’t hurt, unless pressed hard. Maybe the chafing from the steering wheel disturbed it? If anybody has an idea of what’s happening, please let me know…

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  1. fattypr Says:

    i had another friend who had something similar happen, and she was told by a dermatologist that he thought the late rash-like thing was b/c of sun damage to the burn area… i wonder about lots of sun to your pinky though… sounds unlikely.
    take care!

  2. Nina Says:

    Hmm, thanks… I’m guessing it got aggravated somehow in a similar way… I just didn’t want to hear that it’s infected, so that’s good. 🙂 It seems to alternate btw being unnoticeable and puffy at different times of the day. So weird.

  3. Gerald Fnord Says:

    It could have been puffing up from irritation, and go that pattern because of the pattern of pressure of your finger on the wheel’s surface (nubbly or holed?) kept part of it from puffing. Hey, you could apply a small design made of (say) silicone to something that will puff when you apply an heat gun to it….

    I now add cortisone cream to my initial burn response, since a lot of the irritation is supposedly auto-immune, and not from the burn itself; I think it helps, though viscous lidocaine definitely does so.

    Question: which brands of heat gun are food-safe? None are supposedly made with asbestos any more, but I’m not sure about the mica-cored elements used in cheaper ones…but the very safe encapsulated ceramic lement moodels can be quite expensive….

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