The Caramel Pic is now up


See, they look just like caramels… This is the cinnamon almond, salted chocolate nut, and classic. The wildflower honey and scotch look a lot like the classic (which is why they can’t be in a mixed bag together, aside from possible mingling of aromas/flavor).

5 Responses to “The Caramel Pic is now up”

  1. Verena Says:

    The caramels look darker than I expected them to be, but then again, I like my caramels on the slightly burnt side. Besides, your caramels look yummy! 😀

  2. Nina Says:

    Thanks 🙂 They don’t really have a burnt flavor, though — I think the Classic might look darker b/c I caramelize the sugar before adding the dairy and cooking it to temp — some confectioners cook the sugar and the dairy together to temp, which makes for a lighter color since only the proteins are browned.

  3. fattypr Says:

    lookin’ good. they look bigger than i imagined. my favorite is the salted chocolate nut.

  4. Christy Says:

    I just had a dream that you should put edible flowers in the honey caramel.

    Is that weird?

  5. Nina Says:

    fattpr — Yeah, I’m trying to keep it with the bar theme, but may make them a little smaller, based on how they go over…. It’s just that hte bigger they are, the less I have to wrap-twist!

    Christy — Who could ever say that caramel dreams are weird??? 🙂 Ha it would literally be a wildflower-honey caramel 🙂

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