The City Bakery Los Angeles Revisited Again – Los Angeles

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I almost didn’t bring my camera to our lunch at The City Bakery Los Angeles, since I’ve already posted about The City Bakery again and again. But I brought it… and when the food and the drinks came out, they were just too great to not mention here.


This was called a Farmer’s Lemonade. It had a little cream mixed into the lemonade, which added just a touch of creamy smoothness; it was somewhere between a cold milk and a cold juice. So refreshing on the hot day that it was.


This Raspberry Tart is so simple that it’s brilliant. It’s just a chocolate tart shell with whipped cream and raspberries… but the raspberries are stuffed with chocolate. They’re stuffed by simply using a parchment cone to pipe melted chocolate into the hollow cavity, and chilling it for 15 minutes. The chocolate was soft, with just a nice bit of chew and surrounded by the juicy berry… like a reverse truffle. And you get about 8 of them… all in one perfectly balanced tart.


This was the first time that I ordered off the lunch menu rather than assembling a meal from the salad bar. My Wasabi Tuna Salad and Pickled Cucumbers with Mint carried its flavors so well. The tuna seemed to have just a little mayonnaise to hold it together, but it was also very moist somehow. And the cucumbers were cool and crisp. I also liked the tomato and tempeh crackers, which enabled me to make my own little open faced cracker bites with all the elements. The tomatoes and crackers also weren’t on the menu, so I liked the surprise of being given more than I thought I would get. They also justified the plate to me when I later saw that wasabi tuna was also being served at the salad bar.


When Chad ordered the Grilled Chicken with Gruyere and Caramelized Onions, I was a little apprehensive in my mind… The risk for dullness was so high… but then it turned out to be fantastic, and I celebrated by stealing some of his onion rings. The rings were lightly battered, which is great b/c I usually scrape off most of deep-fried batter, and it let the flavor and texture of the onions shine through. Then the sandwich had the most terrifically pungent gruyere that brought out the chicken-ness of the chicken and was rounded out by the sweetness of onions and the toasted bread.

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  1. Sweet Napa » Blog Archive » Practical #7 - Restaurant and Production Desserts Says:

    […] I got the idea for this out of the Bouchon cookbook. I stuffed the raspberries with chocolate, like at The City Bakery, but first the chocolate was too hard from being refrigerated and then melty from being left on the table. I also couldn’t get the sauce to really taste like Zinfandel with what I had, so that was too bad. We were told that the plating was too busy. […]

  2. Diane Lindenberger Says:

    Is Maury’s Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ever coming back again for distribution in stores…..I used to be able to buy it at Whole Foods here in Houston, Tx.

  3. Nina Says:

    Diane – I don’t know. I just tried searching the web a little, and couldn’t find anything specific about its distribution now… I also had no luck with finding a recipe… 🙁

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