the fig cafe – Glen Ellen


In June, we went to Glen Ellen to have brunch at the fig cafe, which is a more casual offshoot of the girl & the fig in Sonoma.  It was odd, though, to be in a place that seemed similar and yet was quite different.  The decor has the same general style but is a little more modern and spare at the fig cafe (with a higher, pointed ceiling), the menu is a little shorter (including the drink menu), and the food veers maybe a bit more towards American comfort food.  We both loved the food and the friendly service, but we’re more likely to go back to the girl & the fig because it’s closer and more familiar to us.  So, whichever one you happen to be closer to, I don’t think you can go wrong.


To the best of my memory, this was a Pizza with Ham, Red Onions Olives, and Fontina, and it lived up to all of its flavors.  A really great pizza.


Smoked Salmon with Potato Pancakes, Dill Creme Fraiche, Poached Egg, and Fried Capers.  I loved this.  The potato pancakes were the anchor of it all (and terrific because they tasted like a crispy salted potato, not grease), with the salmon as the vibrant (and abundant) star.  Mixing together all the crispy, fried, smoked, sauteed, poached, and creamy parts could amuse me for hours.  This was a perfect version of a classic.

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