The Goodies

In the entertainment industry, I would sometimes get random free film/TV paraphernalia. An Amityville Horror crew jacket. A “Watching Ellie” Season 2 1/2 baseball cap. A satin robe with camouflage print dotted by faces of Animal, the Muppet.

In the food industry, the free stuff is a little different.


Now I start the search for a toasted flax seed recipe….

2 Responses to “The Goodies”

  1. Chad Says:

    And I thought the free swag from COMDEX and E3 were cool, this takes the cake! Who WOULDN’T want free flax? 🙂

  2. Nina Says:

    Yeah, and I can only hope that whatever I find to make with it also has a use for those “toasted canola seeds” on the left. I guess in the meantime… a round of flax shots for everyone!

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