The Peanut Butter Candy Bar is Here!

And there was much rejoicing…

My polycarbonate molds finally came in from Belgium, via my supplier in Buffalo NY, and the Peanut Butter Candy Bar is now available.

Here’s what I wrote for my BonBonBar mailing list…

The Peanut Butter Candy Bar is finally ready! It may well be the ultimate candy bar. Each of its five dark chocolate compartments contains a Peanut Butter filling matched with a favorite topping. The outer two compartments contain handmade Strawberry Jam, the inner two contain Caramel, and the middle contains Wildflower Honey.

Our Organic Valencia Peanuts are from New Mexico. From the Santa Monica Farmers Market, we use Bill’s Bees Wildflower Honey as well as Organic Strawberries and Lemons to make our own jam.

The Peanut Butter Bar is a delicious treat for peanut butter lovers everywhere!

In other news, the Cherry Candy Bar will be available indefinitely, thanks to positive customer response. It has a Vanilla Almond Nougat enrobed in Dark Chocolate and topped with Organic Cherries.

BonBonBar’s array of products has never been more exciting — we now offer 6 Candy Bars, 5 Chewy Caramels, 2 Marshmallows, and Hot ChocolateMix as well as a variety of gift options at!

Thank you for your support!

**Our peanuts have not been affected by the recall.

5 Responses to “The Peanut Butter Candy Bar is Here!”

  1. Elyse Tager Says:

    Nina, are you on Twitter? If not, you should be. Just gave bonbonbar a shout out and found several more posts!

  2. jamie Says:

    jesus nina. you ARE the second coming of christ. i’m barely over the flu and can sit up long enough to type without falling over dizzy but these.. these give me new hope to get well. this and a nice tall glass of milk.

    expect chad to come home with my money!

  3. Nina Says:

    Hi Elyse,
    Yeah, Twitter (NinaMW) and Facebook (Nina Wanat). I need to update my profiles to include that….

    Jamie – Haha… bonbonbar is totally the second coming of the chocolatier christ! Hope you feel better!!!!

  4. rainey Says:

    Sounds like another winner!

  5. Nina Says:

    Thank you, Rainey!!! I hope so 🙂

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