The Whiskey Bar

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The Whiskey Bar: Jack Daniels Ganache and Pecan-Laced Salted Caramel semi-enrobed in 58% Dark Chocolate and sprinkled with Coconut.

So, yes, this bar is something like a tricked out pecan pie.

What I like about it is that halfway through a bite, you want to stop and smile. It’s because of the flavor and jumble of textures – the tang of the caramel and the bite of the Jack Daniels, with the added spark of toasted pecans and rich coconut. Half of the coconut is toasted and half isn’t, because it adds another layer of flavor and more color. I’d like to give thanks to my reader, Jessica, whose comment that Jack Daniels has “a sweet vanilla, coconut flavor with a nice smokiness” catalyzed the inclusion of coconut in this bar. I never would have thought of that on my own, and now I couldn’t imagine the bar without it.

These are similar in shape and size to the Scotch Bar, but it has the additions to distinguish itself. Whereas I feel that Scotch should be unencumbered by much else, Jack Daniels calls for a little bit of playing around.

In fact, you would think that this bar could have been constructed within a day of the Scotch Bar, but I took a long, long route to come to this version. I tried a milk chocolate ganache. I tried fully enrobing it in milk chocolate. I tried Lyle’s golden syrup in the caramel instead of glucose. I tried different methods of getting the caramel to just the right height. I tried each of these variations one or two or three or four times in various configurations, and monitored them over time to see how they held up. In the end, the Scotch Bar was just the right model for it, and I couldn’t justify making it more different just for the sake of it. I think it works.

5 Responses to “The Whiskey Bar”

  1. Paula Says:

    You are so on to something with these bars. They all look so good!!

    Best of Luck


  2. Nina Says:

    Thank you, Paula! It’s so great to hear that!

  3. Elyse Says:

    So Nina,
    When are you bringing these wonderful bars to market? Seems like you have more than enought product to get going with. What are your plans?

  4. lucette Says:

    I know some people who would kill for one of these. I really like the combination of additions.

  5. Nina Says:

    Elyse – I’d love to start selling right away, but to be honest, it’s probably going to be a while. I have enough recipes, but I have to figure out the best ways to sell and produce them commercially. The business and legal ends are pretty new to me, so I want to get a good handle on them before diving into it; I may even work somewhere first to get more experience. It’s frustrating b/c I think that they’d be very popular and I’d love to have my readers finally try them, but I want to make sure that I give them the best chance at success, even if it means holding off on selling them until I’m ready. I’ve just started to research the business side in earnest, so my goal for the summer is put together a business plan that will fit the concept of handmade candy bars….

    Lucette – Thank you! 🙂

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