The Zen of Shaping Marzipan


We had to shape marzipan as a homework assignment, and we will have to make marzipan roses for our practical; we use them as decorations for cakes. I highly recommend it as a stress-reliever. Marzipan has the perfect amount of give, so that it can be shaped into almost anything within reason, without fear of overworking it. And it’s just challenging enough to give you a certain satisfaction with what you shape; half the fun is figuring out the most elegant design for a desired shape. It can be colored, too, but I’m happy with its natural tone… especially since washing food coloring off my hands or constantly changing pairs of gloves wouldn’t be nearly as zen.

The roses are made by rolling one piece of marzipan into a conical shape. Then, marble-sized pieces are put between the layers of a ziploc bag and flattened with the back of a spoon into petal shapes before being wrapped around the cone. The petals should be wider on the outside of the rose. And the edges are flattened just a little bit thinner for a petal effect.

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