This is the Real Food Network

I wish that every time someone complained about the quality of the shows on the Food Network that they would be required to cap it off with, “Watch KLCS on Saturday aftenoons instead!”

I’ve been watching it for a while (though many of the shows are currently in reruns), but I just got super-excited by the sight of José Andrés hosting his own show, “Made in Spain.” I remember that he was one of the more fun — and amazingly talented — Iron Chef America winners. I have one of this cookbooks. I read it from cover to cover and made some dishes, and now I get to watch him on TV.

There are also shows w/ Mark Bittman, Cook’s Illustrated, Lidia Bastianich, a Scandinavian cooking show whose name escapes me, Rick Bayless, Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie, Ming Tsai, and others. Though they all have their own look and style, they all stress the importance of good ingredients and technique, and also share a sense of place and conviviality in regards to food. It’s real cooking and people, and it’s fun to watch.

I get KLCS as channel 3 on my TV in LA. I’m not sure if other PBS stations carry the same programming… at the same time… but I hope so.

Off to make chocolates….

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  1. dreamsicle Says:

    You’re totally thinking what I’m thinking! Hee hee, now I wonder if I’ll ever be able to watch you in your kitchen making chocolates … sounds good.

  2. Nina Says:

    I’ve thought about posting a video demo on my site! 🙂 I’m not very good on camera, though, and I tend to talk too fast… I should plan on letting the chocolate do the talking 🙂

  3. Traca Says:

    I agree…PBS cooking shows are much more grounded and informative. Chef in the Field is another very good show.

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