Thoumieux – Paris


Thoumieux serves classic Southwestern French cuisine. It gets my vote for the restaurant that we went to which Bouchon aspires to most — right down to having its name on every plate. Classic, simple, delicious. We went here for lunch on our second day, and it made me feel like I was really in Paris.

And I servers were very nice at this visit, with touches of dry humor.  When one saw me taking pictures of the food, he responded with “L’espionage.”  Other members of my family went here again, though, and their server was very rude.  Too bad.


The brilliance of this warm goat cheese salad lies in the crottins of goat cheese that have been heated so that their insides ooze out once sliced open. I like this better than the simply warmed coins of goat cheese that I was expecting.


Chad got a plate of ham. With melon underneath. Very good.


My Duck Confit. This was a bit drier than I would have looked, but tasty enough. The thick “potato chips” were crispy, herby, and great.


The Cassoulet was magnificent. I’d order this if I went again. So hot and rich, and the sausage was especially excellent.


I believe that this was some form of Lamb.






This chocolate cake was fantastic, like a rich yet light mousse.


I loved their sorbets and ice creams: chestnut with pieces of chestnut; pear; lime with lime peel; chocolate…

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