Weekly BonBonBar Photo: The First Official Tray of Orange Bars

And the bars in the front weren’t even set yet.

The Orange Bar is actually two “fun-size” candy bars in one package, in the grand tradition of bars like Almond Joys. I’ve found that people sometimes like to savor the bars over a period of time, so I thought that this size would make it easier and neater to save some for later. It also makes them easier to dip, since dipping a large bar in chocolate can be something like pulling wet jeans out of a swimming pool.

And here’s the new look of the boxed assortment, now with a full cast of characters.


8 Responses to “Weekly BonBonBar Photo: The First Official Tray of Orange Bars”

  1. cybele Says:

    Holy Moly! Those look awesome.

  2. dreamsicle Says:

    The chocolate bars do look awesome! Out of curiosity, is the girl with the red hair and blue bow in the Orange Bar packet modeled after anyone?

  3. Nina Says:

    Thanks, Cybele & Dreamsicle! Yeah, I like how the wide strip of candied peel made frem navel oranges looks on top. When Valencias are in season, the peel will be a bit narrower since they have a thinner skin, but maybe it’ll give them a sleekness that’ll look just as nice.

    And no, the girl isn’t modeled after anyone that I know of (my graphic designer may have had an inspiration, though). I initially had an idea to use my friends & family as models for the characters… Maybe I still will do that, too… It’d be fun. 🙂

  4. rainey Says:

    Mine arrived last night. I was going to wait until tonight to have one and stretch out the anticipation but I simply had to respond when a whole tray of them appeared on my screen.

    Doing them as twin minibars is a wonderful idea. These really have to be savored and it takes time to fully appreciate all the aromas, textures, flavors and sensations. They’re treasure troves of all of them. I sliced off bites so I didn’t mar their elegance and I still have half of one minibar to look forward to this evening.

    The aroma of the chocolate is as rich and earthy as you could possibly hope. The nougat is unlike any I’ve had in a candy bar; soft and creamy from its freshness so there is no need to whip it full of air that dilutes the flavor. The complex caramel flavor takes a half moment more to emerge so the smokey flavor of the golden caramelized sugar lingers. And the orange is the tiny little jewel of firm chewability with its little crystalline crunch and sweet-tart citrus punch.

    I don’t even have a word to describe the marriage of the childhood exileration of a candy bar with the sophistication if this combination. Bravo or whoopee or some combination of the two that I can’t quite fathom! Well done, kiddo!

  5. Nina Says:

    Rainey – hehehehe Ok. I tend to giggle uncontrollably and repeat “oh my god” when I have a strong reaction… so that’s what I’m doing now. Wow. Thank you. To think that my humble little bars brought about such an eloquent and enthusiastic description is really… amazing. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying them. Thank you.

    I hope it’s ok — I want to add this to my testimonials page on my website. Then there will be two places to read it over and over again. 🙂

  6. rainey Says:

    “Humble” is NOT the word I was looking for! ;>

    Please feel free to use anything that’s useful.

    I hope these will be on the permanent roster. I haven’t tried your other flavor bars yet but I think it would be hard for anything to compete with these!

  7. Bob delGrosso Says:

    Wow those look beautiful! I love the packaging and the name works well too. I hope you sell thousands!

  8. Nina Says:

    Aw, shucks, thank you! And me, too 🙂

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