Your Job is Secure, Alton Brown

Today we had our finals. We had a 25 question Math final that we had 90 minutes to do. Multiple choice. It was a mellow redux of things we’ve been doing every day in class, and I mastered it. We had practice tests and homework all along, so by this point, I could spend a whole day converting one amount into every unit known to man, one by one.

Next was Science. 40 questions in 60 minutes. Also multiple choice. After being given such a wide molecular picture of the universe occupied by fats, flours, leaveners, sugars, ovens, and eggs over the course of the past 10 days, I knew that Science was trouble. We had no practice tests to work the material into our minds, and only our re-readings of notes and books to memorize everything. I took as many facts and principles to heart as I could and planned to become better acquainted with the rest as I got more experienced. So, when asked questions such as “what is the enzyme present in pineapples,” my most honest response would have been “I promise I’ll know it when the time comes when it matters.” Or, “I’m going down in flames.” Instead, I chose “c.” Because it was there.

Anyway, the first couple weeks turned out to have a fair bit of work involved– reading and math problems every night, about 10 quizzes/exams cumulatively, one 4-page paper, one Excel cost sheet, and a 1-page paper.

We begin our 3-day ServSafe certification class tomorrow, to learn how to handle food safely. Then Monday is our orientation to the kitchen, and Tuesday, we bake!

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